Sean Havrilla


67 Moons

Words and Music by Sean Havrilla and Hali Alspach

A musical suggested by the paintings of Edward Hopper, "Sixty Seven Moons"  explores three listless characters, desperately searching for anything but what they already have, resolving ultimately to take a trip to Jupiter.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Music by Sean Havrilla, Words by Michael Radi

The intertwined stories of Katrina Van Tassel, Brom Bones, and the infamous Ichabod Crane, as each of them pursues what drives them most: Love, Mischief, and Curiosity.

Music by Sean Havrilla, Words by Michael Radi

This Day Each Year



Music by Sean Havrilla, Words by Sam Chanse

Ali is in prison for life, and Christine is the biographical theatre artist who has taken it upon herself to tell Ali's story. "Correctional" is an original musical about power and privilege in storytelling.  



Music by Sean Havrilla, Words by Seth Christenfeld

Peter just wants to get home. Alice just wants to get away. The man with the violin won't stop playing. They're all stuck on a subway platform in the middle of the night waiting for a train that will never come.   

"Wait Forever" is a magical realist musical about two lost souls and a force that brings them together--it's a little bit Beckett and a little bit Chekhov and a little bit Steve Reich and a little bit of a lot of other things, too. It runs just short of 20 minutes. 

Music by Sean Havrilla, Words by David Davila



Piano Trio (Violin, Clarinet, Piano)



The Vintner's Story

String Orchestra